Want To Sell Your Hilux?

At Toyota car removal in Perth we wreck approximately 55 cars each week and then catalogue and barcode the parts, which means when you call we can give you an accurate answer on whether your Toyota Hilux Part is in stock or not.
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We have those hard to get Hilux parts such as Toyota Hilux Right front seat belt, Toyota Rear tail light assembly, Toyota Hilux Radiators for all makes and models at very competitive pricing.
Most of the Hilux parts we will have in stock and if we do not have your Hilux part in stock our massive range of Hilux Part Partner Network will ensure you get the part fast and competitively priced.
We have Hilux parts in all shapes and sizes such as Hilux Bumpers, seatbelts, front guards, front ends, tail light assemblies, transmission, front panels, Hilux radiators, wheels, gearboxes, Hilux axels and drive shafts, bonnets, boots, guards, mud guards, trays, and many other parts.
Toyota Hilux is a Australia Icon as is the Toyota Landcruiser and we have all that you will need to keep your rig on the road for longer and cheaper.

History of The Toyota Hilux
The Toyota Hilux 4×4 first came out in approximately 1984 and had a few different names based on what country the car was being sold in. We all remember the mighty Hilux Surf and the 4 runner which served many farmers, surfies, off roaders and families as a reliable , cheap 4×4 that was solid and made to last.

The non 4×4 model was released in around 1972 and looks similar to the Datsun of the same era.
We get many Hilux questions each day such as
Are you guys Toyota Hilux Wreckers?
Will a 1987 toyota 4 runner 4×4 transmission work in a 1981 toyota pickup 4×4?
How to change air filter in 2007 toyota camry?
How to align headlights 1997 toyota corolla?
Does a 2001 toyota corolla have a timing chain?
Where is the starter motor located on a 2000 model hilux 4wd?
how adjust the idle in a 85 hilux?
hilux sr5 how to remove dash?
Are hilux and bj40 parts interchangeable?
Working with Hilux parts means our staff get to know alot about these cars and can help you with selecting the right part for your hilux first time.